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Guilt, Anger, Fear and Denial are common and understandable emotions you may be feeling.  But You do not need to go through this alone.  Choosing Adoption is O.K. 

Choosing whether you would like an open or closed adoption is an important decision when making an adoption plan.  Your adoption option is the route you take for openness. Some questions to ask yourself are  do you want to have contact with your baby after the adoption (open adoption)? Or maybe you do not want any contact after the adoption is final (closed adoption)? Or perhaps a semi open adoption would be the best thing for you (maybe just letters/emails and photos)?

There is no wrong answer and the choice is YOURS…Our caseworkers will help you decide what your adoption option is and the kind of contact you want with the adoptive family that YOU are choosing for your  baby. Our caseworkers can explain what each option is and help you formulate the right plan for you and your baby.

Your relationship with the adoptive family is up to you!  Such as:

Prior to the birth of the baby:

  • You can choose no contact at all or
  • Phone/Email contact only or
  • Have the adoptive family with you during medical appts, be at the hospital when you deliver or any other openness you desire.

After the adoption is finished:

  • No contact at all or
  • You can receive letters,photos and updates on how your child is growing or
  • Ongoing phone/text contact or
  • Visits once or twice a year or how you set up your adoption plan with the adoptive family

What ever choices you make they will be your choices!  The adoption option you choose is your choice!

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Choosing your adoption openness is your choice. We want you to feel comfortable with whatever choices you make when it comes to your adoption plan.  Our adoptive families are educated on your adoption options and choices.




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