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With our Adoption Help, YOU can choose the adoptive family of YOUR choice for your baby. We will listen to your desires and we will help you find the right adoptive parents for you and your baby. We want you to feel comfortable about your choice.

All potential adoptive parents have been screened to ensure they are qualified to adopt. They have gone through much training, criminal background checks, medical evaluations and financial checks.   Your child will be able to enjoy many good things in life, like a good education, financial security and more.

The adoptive family that you have chosen will be so excited for the birth of your child. They will want to make sure you are ok and that you have all that you need emotionally and physically.  They can take you to your doctors appointments or simply hang out and have a meal with you.  Whatever you desire. *The adoptive family will provide you with funds to cover allowable living expenses and cover your medical care if needed.

Know that adoptive families are couples and singles who desire to be parents. They have gone through years of infertility issues and loss.  They are truly ready to be parents.  By choosing adoption you are not just helping your child, you are creating a family.  A family that you can become part of.  Learn more about the adoption process by contacting us.  We want to help you.



*Note: Living  and medical expenses can be provided, but is dependent on the laws of the state where you give birth. We can help you make a plan to receive funds to cover your expenses during your pregnancy.

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